Beautiful Bathrooms

SMS Projects have a mission to create beautiful bathrooms that encompass your needs and unique style.  


SMS Projects will consider your individual needs for your bathroom, and incorporate practical solutions for the dimensions and available space.  We have a reputation for modern bathroom renovations that incorporate stunning designs.


To create your ideal bathroom, you need a company that you can trust, and we guarantee our building process every step of the way.  And we also have a team of fully qualified tradespeople who have worked along with us on many bathrooms.


As part of your project, we incorporate a wide network of suppliers that we use regularly (and highly recommend!) that share our commitment to great value and quality.  They will be ready to assist you in selecting the ideal products for your renovation.


Have you been thinking about your budget?  We have a list of considerations below for you as a starting point.

The bathroom functionality for every home is different, and these requirements need to be taken into consideration to ensure it stacks up to your needs.


We offer design assistance and guidance for:

Planning your space & layout considerations

Evaluating the existing space (plumbing fixtures, surfaces, finishes and lighting)

Choosing appliances and fixtures

Options for necessary bathroom functions (bath, double sink, private toilet area)

Purpose and goals for the type of bathroom (main, ensuite, powder room)

Assessing costs (providing options to suit your budget, providing advice on where you can reduce costs, what kind of expenses to expect)

Selection of materials (advice before you start shopping!, splashback, lighting, vanity & vanity tops, flooring, walls, ventilation)

Storage and organisation (vanity design, storage needs, available hardware)


Cost of A Complete Bathroom Renovation


There are many factors that can affect the cost of a complete bathroom renovation, and you might be surprised what can affect the final outcome.  However, as a guideline, we estimate the following:


Classic Budget $15,000 – $25,000
The most common renovation budget for an average size bathroom.  You could expect a complete strip down with mid-range materials and fittings.  It might also include relocating plumbing, tiled walls and floor and splashback, frameless shower screen and freestanding bath.


Premium Budget $25,000+
The cost of a high end bathroom renovation using top of the range materials and fittings in a large bathroom.






In estimating your bathroom renovation costs, factors which need to be considered will depend on :


Bathroom size:  Are you considering extending the size of your current bathroom?  Changes to structural walls would need to approved by council, however this can be determined by your SMS Projects estimator.


Plumbing:  In some cases, changing the layout of your current bathroom can give you better functionality and use of space.  A complete redesign of your bathroom layout to maximise functionality may impact your budget with relocation of fixtures and wastes.


Tiling: Consider a quality floor tile which can take impact of everyday use.


Shower screen:  There are several options to choose from, including frameless, semi-frameless or standard can impact of the costs.


Bath tub:  Will you be considering an integrated or freestanding bath?  Claw foot or refurbished antique bath?


Toilet:  A variety of options exist in the current market, however a standard S-Bend toilet or a back to wall, or in-wall cistern are the most common selections.


Vanity:  Common selections are the standard floor mount, but you can also choose from a variety of wall mounted vanities which can give you more floor space.  Prices can range from an off the shelf product with standards sizes to a custom-built vanity made to fit your space.


Lighting:  Are you considering task lights, general lights or mood lights?  Styles and location of fittings will need to be considered as part of your budget.  Bringing natural light into a bathroom has been a favourite option, and might include installation of skylights or replacing a window with a larger option.


SMS Projects will help you navigate the options available to you, and assist with solutions to ensure the functionality and style of your bathroom fits within your budget and lifestyle.


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